„Savski Venac for Memory“

Photo exhibition: course students „My Way“
January 10th - 15th, 2011 > opening at 19h

Photography is a document! It documents time, moments, material, character, atmosphere, latitude, the color of light and emotions. It is a valid document at court and an important historical record. Confronting and understanding a picture from the photographer’s point of view can initiate a new perspective of time and environment where our lives take place.

This exhibition is a part of the idea to motivate young people of the Municipality of Savski Venac to explore their neighborhood, to detect problems, and give the solutions, to make our society better. Problems are solvable, a good thing can upgrade, but it is necessary to identify, analyze and solve them. Ten participants from the Municipality Savski Venac, aged 15 to 20 years attended a course of eight classes led by the experts in that area. Students documented the sights of the Municipality of Savski Venac and thus made possible for us to observe our own living space through their amateur lens.