“Redesign – Creating New Brands”

January 24th - 29th, 2011 > Opening at 18h

After the success of the project „Redesign – Creating a New Brand“ in the year of 2009, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Serbian Chamber of Commerce, SIEPA initiated the project to redesign the packaging of the exporting products. This project will enhance cooperation between educational institutions and businesses while emphasizing the importance of packaging and improving the visual identity of Serbian companies. Designs were created by the students majoring in industrial design at the Belgrade Polytechnic University, Fine Arts University and School of Art and Design – Megatrend University, who demonstrated their creativity and knowledge in this project.
Out of 33 companies that applied for the contest, 7 have been chosen based on their business performance, brand recognition, geographic dispersion and other criteria:  Frigonais (Niš) – plum mash, Vumo (Ugrinovci) – anatomic footwear, Royal Eco Food (Beograd) – Ethno gift box: ajvar hot, ajvar mild  and plum sauce, Ufar (Barajevo) – DIAMEL sugar, INSA (Zemun) – alarm clocks, YUMIS (Niš) – instant soups, Tomaco Line (Leskovac) – chocolate. These seven products have got their new packages, and students’ ideas will be exhibited at the O3ONE from the 24th till the 29th of January 2011.