Instant Pleasure

Tatjana Đorđević
February 8th - 19th, 2011

Project „Instant Pleasure“ explores the relationship between architecture and the virtual world. Socializing of today differs considerably from the way people interacted twenty years ago. Almost 24 percent of the total world population spends its free time online. Through avatars they lead a second existence in a myriad of virtual worlds, chat rooms – they shop, communicate and interact over the Internet. The way people spend their free time and the way they’ll do it in the future has a considerable influence on architecture. If the number of people socializing in the virtual world continues to grow, should architects be worried about the way that will impact architecture itself and everything they know about it? What will be the role of architects in this new world?
„Instant Pleasure“ is an architectural project showcasing the design of a building inspired by the virtual world. The building is located in Shanghai, China and is constructed as a prototype for a new architectural typology. With daily traffic of 400.000 people, this enormous building offers space for „surfing“ through the fantasies of other people, much like the World Wide Web.  Through the design of a single building, its concept and typology issues of morality, freedom, the influence of the internet and virtual worlds on architecture and the role of the architect in this new world order are raised. This project explores what can be learned by observing the virtual world, and how to apply that knowledge in architecture.
Born in Belgrade in 1980. Tatjana Đorđević graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2004. (interior architecture and furniture design section). She got her master’s degree in 2010. at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. From 2005. to 2009. she worked in Amsterdam for several architectural bureaus. She has won several awards in the field of design: 1997. second place at Sigraf open competition; 2003. finalist in Simpo’s competition; 2004. second place at Linea competition; 2007. finalist of the Henkel art award; 2008. finalist of the Stedelijk museum competition in Amsterdam. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Belgrade, Vienna, Amsterdam amongst which are the “Ghost Project” at Belgrade design week, exhibits in ULUS’s galleries, Henkel art award in Vienna, etc. Tatjana has had three solo exhibitions amongst which is the exhibition in Dom Omladine, Belgrade 2004. Her work has been published in local and foreign magazines. In 2009. she founded a studio that works on design and architecture. Currently, she lives and works in Amsterdam.