Iva Kovač
March 1st - 12th, 2011 > 19h

Exhibition “Recreation” brings together diverse media works, created during the last years of studies, which is critically concerned with the context of education and forms that are adopted through the educational system. The author at the same time represents and examines the represented; certain artworks, educational system, and texts.

The Kiss (2005/08) is a direct, non-staged intervention in some else’s performance, conducted to highlight the importance of the context in the birth of the artwork. (Re)production is a performance that uses gallery space and introduces the positions on biological production and reproduction. The name that the exhibition holds is from the piece “Recreation” (2008/10), and it is an attempt of complicating the relation between subject and the object, painting, and performance, reflecting these relations in the light of work of Yves Klein, Vanessa Beecroft, and Pier Manzoni.

Iva Kovač’s exhibition represents an artistic intervention in the production and distribution of art as a form of contextualization of art praxis.

Iva Kovač (born in 1983) graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2008) where she received from an independent the prize for the best undergraduate thesis. During the studies, she spends a semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2005), an intern at the Peggy Guggenheim internship program in Venice (2007/08) and attends a workshop of Dana Perjovsci on Summer Academy of Salzburg. After her studies, she finished an experimental workshop “Curatorial Platform” (2008/09), and she is currently working on a curatorial program “The World of Art” in Ljubljana. With the work “(Re)production” she participated in the 28th Graphic Biennial in Ljubljana (2009). On SAP 2009 residency in Korea (2009) with Elvis Krstulović, she organizes a series of lectures and publishes the website and magazine “Art & Market” which she represented on the 2. Moscow Young People Biennale. She exhibited in many groups and several solo exhibitions. She works as a curator in PM Gallery in Zagreb. She published her works in various cultural magazines and portals.