Ten Years of the Band “The No Smoking Orchestra”

February 21st - 26th, 2011 > 19h

In O3ONE Gallery, starting from the 21st of February an exhibition will be held to represent a ten years-long work of the band The No Smoking Orchestra, and during that event, we will also represent photo monograph “Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra” by Dragan Teodorović Zeko.
The Masters of the Global Mess
Petar Popović

Separated from every church and every show business dogma The No Smoking Orchestra are important phenomena of the anti-globalization music movement and a strange paradox from the environment they come from. They are known and more established across the world than in a country that they come from and that they represent successfully. Their first ten years with “Unza Unza” unbridled sound, rhythm guitar by playing fast rhythm of the Serbian national music, actually “Balkan Rumba version” which brings together rock and experience, gipsy mood and dances of Šumadija with a broader artistic concept of the twentieth century, argues that in time of the growing misunderstandings there is a music with compelling content against which there is no defense because “no feet can stay calm”.
The No Smoking Orchestra communicates with the world based on music and a good show, insists on the picture and the sound, without point out to the separate homeland. The sum of pixels and frequency of the spectacle doesn’t make the audience to search the origins of the music through its education and knowledge, but it makes the audience to experience the music mess and to discover its own heart, soul and forgotten memories.
The audience across the continents understands The No Smoking Orchestra although it doesn’t understand the lyrics of their songs. The author Dr. Karajlić says: “They don’t understand Verdi either, but they sing “The Chorus of Jews” from Nabuko because they know the melody”. They made a communication with the whole wide world, with a new music offer, filled with picture and sound, and where energy and cheerfulness replace the existing standards of successful formulas of the pop culture.
The energy charge is much stronger than it was during 25 years of the original band “No smoking”. That is a paradox because members are much older. That is the result of many things. Among other the fact that they play better now, although they are still not the musician for the Philharmonic. They are musicians for serious tasks because of the experience they had in pubs, jazz clubs, and rock n’ roll stages. Their music is now more cheerful and irresistibly draws participants. That powerful explosion on the scene is an attempt to show, by its self, be part of joint psychotherapy.
“Explosive mix of nitroglycerin sounds” it is impossible to stay in the chair… No matter where the chair is located: Paris, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New York, Kyiv, Reykjavik, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Sao Paolo, Vienna, Moscow, Mexico, Berlin, Madrid or Brussels.
Communication with the world is making music with decibels and frequencies and not the milieu from which they come, and knowing that they come from nothing, between spaces, from nowhere, from cosmic void between Vienna and Istanbul, the borders between two empires there’s no List, Verdi nor Strauss, they attacked irresistibly without need to justify anything. People like these usually succeed. The No Smoking Orchestra are in nature nomads, those who bring joy and they are the symbols of freedom which every nomad in nature possesses. Freedom is their strength that makes them feel at home on every stage. As part of their psychotherapy (why shouldn’t we call things by its name) they represent the picture of absolute freedom. It is no wonder that eleven unrestrained, happy and cheerful people on stage wake the need for identification.
The No Smoking Orchestra is the sum of talent and knowledge. Since “Doli bel” Kusturica is not an ordinary occurrence in the culture neither is Dr. Karajlić from his single “Das Ist Walter”  just one of the singers in rock n’ roll band. Common denominators – emotionally, unexpected, exciting and hardly repeatable – they revived throw TNSO. If that did not go as planned Emir would not be one of best that movie history has, neither he would be “The Chef of People” and occupy such a large part of the intimate landscape that is constantly spreading.
Kusta and Nele are big because they see and hear everything different and before us, ordinary people. Monumental provocation strategy expressed in pixels and frequency, colors and decibels is an audio-visual revelry, a sum of humor, burlesque and gags full of Balkan pagan spirit, at first it did not act as an infection for which the world has no vaccine. They will be successful for as long as they want because their source is never to be exhausted.
Monograph “Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra” is an impressive document about cities, countries, continents where it was not only distributed and spread the infection of the “Unza Unza” music, but the world got an additional opportunity to reveal the artistic soul of Emir Kusturica and his environment. All of this is recorded by Dragan Teodorović Zeko, owner of a curious camera and a loyal person who works with Karajlić and Kusturica since the year of 1985. Throughout that time he has gone from the supporter to a reliable witness whose camera knows where it should be. Where the moment of wonders becomes a value of the epoch.