The Art of Living

Practical promotional lecture
Thursday, March 31st, 2011 > 18h

Through talk and demonstration of the practical and unique techniques, we will peek into the secret of knowledge and tools needed for every Artist of Living. How to develop that talent and how to become the Artist in your own life, how to keep a smile on your face? How to overcome stress? Do we know our borders? If we know, that means that we limited ourselves. Like in every art, there are no limits on the Art of Living.

Speaker: Jadranka Koceić, instructor of the program The Art of Living

Special guest: Biljana Cincarevic, painter

Participants: Lidija Despić Stojaković, and Zoran Imsiragic, instructors of the program The Art of Living

Our thoughts, mind, body and our feelings make unity and in relation with the environment determines us as a person. All of these elements have their rhythm and their laws. Modern man tries to harmonize these elements, like a painter would create his work, combining colors. Do we have true colors at our disposal? Do we know the techniques? During this lecture, you can hear and try out the elements of the program of the international foundation The Art of Living, and with new colors and techniques continue to create your masterpiece as the Artists of Living.