Lecture: To Ourselves

Gestalt psychology, Dr. Milan Kostić
Thursday, March 10th, 2011 > 18h

How important is it to know yourself it was pointed out by the ancient Greeks and Romans – Gnothi Seauton and Nosce te Ipsum. On this psychological gathering about knowing yourself, our foremost Gestalt psychotherapist Dr. Mladen Kostić will speak. He will instruct the visitors about what we can achieve knowing our subconsciousness and he will bring forward the theoretical assumptions which are the base of this principle. Dr. Kostić will speak about the importance of knowing what is subconscious in daily life and psychotherapy.

The goal of this psychological gathering is the contact and raising awareness about part of us that we are not very connected with, but which is very important for our life. Participants will be led through suggestions, introspective experiences, about their experience, feeling, and thoughts. Those psychological experiences will be connected with real-life situations.