Designers Love Japan

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 > 18h

The exhibition will present works that were received for the contest “POSTER FOR JAPAN”. Wishing to draw attention to the natural disaster which happened in Japan, and to give a modest contribution to the people of Japan, web site announced a competition “POSTER FOR JAPAN”. 200 works were received from 170 authors.

The exhibition was organized in cooperation with, O3ONE Gallery and Red Cross of Serbia. The printing of the posters was provided by Superdot, Belgrade.

Twenty posters will be displayed during the exhibition. Works were selected by art and creative directors of the web site and Coba&Associates studio, Jana Oršolić, and Slobodan Jovanović. The criteria for works selection included the level of graphic literacy, idea, and realization of the received works. In the selection of the works entered 20 poster by the following authors: Amanda Stević, Borko Nerić, Branko Bobić, Dejan Vukelić, Ena Baćanović, Igor Adamović, Iva Čukić, Kristina Jovanović, Luka Srdanović, Marko Milin, Mihailo Kalabić, Milan Čerevicki, Milena Janićijević, Milica Tasić, Nenad Aćimović, Nikola Bajčić i Ivana Majstorović, Nikola Radojčić, Rade Šaptović, Sara Radonja, Vladimir Radivojević.

During the exhibition donations for Japan will be collected, therefore we are kindly asking you to come and help us with the realization of this action.

Slobodan Jovanovic, creative director of the “Coba&Associates” studio, Mr. Tetsuya Tsubota, first secretary of the Japanese Embassy and a representative of the Red Cross of Serbia, will address the audience.

All the works will be exhibited in a special section on the web site