Fashionable Peko-chan, Our Fantastic Idol

Shinobu Machida
May 3rd - 4th, 2011 > Opening at 19h

O3ONE contributes to the people of Japan with the exhibition of the photographs of the doll Peko-chan. In the past months, we only heard about the tragic events in Japan, therefore we represent a part of the Japanese consumerism through photographs of the mascot of the Japanese nationwide chain of confectionery stores and restaurants.
The exhibition will consist of 200 photographs of the Peko-chan doll. It is a girl, 6 years old, one meter high, with a ponytail and she has a habit to stick her tongue on the left side of her mouth. She has a boyfriend, and his name is Poko-chan.

Mr. Tetsuya Tsubota, the first secretary of the Japanese Embassy, will open the exhibition. Thanks to Nobuko Akikawa and Satoru Yokoyama this exhibition will be presented to the Belgrade audience. Nobuko and Satoru have brought many Japanese artists to exhibit in Belgrade, and also, they supported Serbian artists and their exhibitions in Japan.

On Wednesday, May 4th at 17h, visitors will be led through the exhibition by Nobuko Akikawa and Satoru Yokoyama. In that way, they will have a genuine artistic impression about the significance of the Peko-chan doll in Japanese modern culture. Also, the artist will be able to ask for the possibility and assistance of having an exhibition in Japan.