The Remains of Life – Inconspicuous Views

Ivan Šuković
April 11th - 21st, 2011 > 19h

“The remains of life – inconspicuous views” is the title of the exhibition which treats intermediate spaces and time as inconspicuous displays, and they all represent the incarnation of the fundamental rift in family relations, inspired by drama “Six People Are Looking for a Writer” by Luigi Pirandello.

The drama which deals with the double meanings of space and time, its hidden meaning is interpreted by the Hickok’s hero, “the man who knew too much”. The father as a provocateur of the act blocks the life of others, brings back the dark past and prevents a good future.

The concept of the work poses the key question: are in life, in every story, as in the history itself the most intriguing facts or the intermediate spaces and time – stuck between them. The work deals with space without objects, the silence between question and answer, the rift between picture and sound, between sip and spoon.