Annual Architecture Awards and Architectural and Urban Planning Contests in Serbia for the period: May 2010 – May 2011

May 5th - 15th, 2011

The exhibition is dedicated to the rewarded works in the scope of architecture and urban planning in Serbia during the in-between period of the two BINA manifestations. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the most important architectural works through given annual awards and awarded contest solutions. The exhibition consists of Annual Awards for Architecture in Serbia and Architecture and Urban Planning Contests in the organization of The Architects Society in Belgrade.

Annual awards for architecture in Serbia are: Award of the Architects Society of Belgrade for the architectural event of the year, Award of ULUPUDS, Serbian Chamber of Engineers Award for outstanding achievement in the profession, the Great Award of Architecture of the Serbian Association of Architects, Award for Architecture given by the Company Novosti, Grand Prix of the Salon of Architecture and Award for Architecture and Urbanism given by the City of Belgrade.

In the process of getting the best ideas for various conceptual problems considering the environment are shown in architecture competition on the field of ideas. This exhibition shows the works awarded on architecture and urban planning contests. With this exhibition, years ago, BINA affirms the institution of the contest and suggests a need to nurture contest tradition which is the fastest way to promote architectural and urban environments.

Awarded works were the solutions for the following objects: the market place Senjak, The National Museum, The Center for the Promotion of Science and the complex of the 5 kindergartens. Also the representation concept of the Republic of Serbia on the 12. The International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice is awarded.