An exhibition by „Praise to hand“ Art workshop
May 30th – June 4th, 2011 > Opening at 19h

„Praise to hand“ Art workshop is a place where persons with the L. Down syndrome use various artistic techniques to present and open up the world of their emotions. Authors of the workshop – artists from Belgrade, intend to support and enhance their creativity. All programs carried out in the workshop aim to help the workshop members in the process of social inclusion, and above all, to help them build up their self-respect and confidence. Besides that, by mastering various art techniques, persons attending the workshop further develop their mobility-skills, which are a very important factor in the improvement of the quality of their lives in general. Since it was established in February 2000, „Praise to hand“ had 17 exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. The funds from the sale of the works are directed towards financing the workshop and organization of short field trips which members of the workshop particularly enjoy…

So far, 20 projects were realized within the workshop: From drawing to comic book, From drawing to picture book, Favourite characters on hand-made paper, My Souvenir, Creating characters with clay and fabric, Computer Drawings, Transfer of computer drawing onto hand-made paper, Classic and Computer Graphics, Musical Picture Book 1 and 2, Decorative Initial, Learning Latin Alphabet, Artistic contribution to the Free Zone Festival, etc…

Currently „Praise to hand“ consists of eleven members who have mastered techniques such as watercolor, pastel, acrylic, drawing with pen and ink, as well as sculpting with clay and weaving on small hand-looms using different types of materials.

Tanja Dašić – watercolour, pastel, clay; Nebojša Brkić – watercolour, ink, acrylic; Slađana Filipović – watercolour, pastel, acrylic, clay; Vladimir Rikanović – watercolour, clay; Dušan Cesarević – watercolour, weaving; Sandra Pavlović – watercolour, pastel, acrylic, clay; Zorica Dragićević – weaving, pastel, clay; Marija Cikić – watercolour, acrylic, clay; Mlađan Golubović – pastel, watercolour; Nikola Jovanović – watercolour, pastel, weaving; Boško Simić – pastel, watercolourAuuthors of the workshop are Katarina Ljubinković Zorkić, fine-arts,  and Bogdan Jovanović, fine-arts and graphics. At the opening, string quartet „Mokranjac“, will play the music composed by Mozart, Mendelsohn, and Weiner. On  June 1st  the public will have an opportunity to see a movie by Spanish authors Antonio Naharo and Alvaro Pastor shot in 2009, entitled  “I’m here as well”  which received an award from the public at the festival in Rotterdam.

The exhibition is organized by Telekom Srbija and O3ONE.