About idling and hedonism

Do we have the right to freedom of choice, at least when it comes to our free time? Yes, but only to certain limits.

Under the break and smart spending of hard-earned leisure time, there will be a relatively small selection of “permissible and morally approved things”, mainly those that will make you prepare better for new efforts in order to work for another’s account and, by your work, one small circle of rich people will become even richer. You must never have too much time to thinking. Is it true that the progress of civilization has led to prosperity and the increased amount of free time? Not exactly!

About different ways of the struggle for free time (at the O3ONE Gallery): Ratko Božović, Nebojša Spaić, Dušan Mrđenović, Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir, and moderator Vanja Govorko.