Bio-degradable Thoughts

Tijana Luković
June 7th - 18th, 2011 > Opening at 19h

Exploring human reactions on today’s living space, we can see that humans by trying to accomplish themselves as social and creative beings at the same time they endanger nature, the space in which the humans live in functions in relation with other species, and all together they make a living system of the planet. Counter-reaction on the degradation of the environment and emphasizing the environmental problems of today is the message that must not be neglected, it is necessary to understand it and to apply our knowledge. Distortion of the living space by conscious or unconscious actions divides it to the areas where we can breathe and ones in which we can not. 

Not following the directly imposed norms, the ecological rules bring us to the effects that are incorrigible, and their spreading we are not able to stop. „Extinction“ and „vulnerability“ become the basic concepts in a description of the situation that plants and animals are in. Today’s way of life became the main distributor of toxic chemicals that has an effect not only on the environment but on humans as well. We are not aware of the fact that if we change our habits we will change the stream of creating the world in which there is no place to live, in which the humans are endemic species, whose survival is seriously brought to question.

With the implemented symbols of the virtual world that World Wide Web is giving us, we are directed to the imaginary functioning of today’s human being in the world of the virtual food, instant nature and false comfort where the ecological flu is taking a primate. Prevailing whiteness, text messages, and elements of the virtual and living space create the image of the „new world” which is completely independent in its unusual and impossible means of survival.