Blood type and Arigato @ B-link

July 18th, 2011, starting at 19h

In the O3ONE Gallery, two internet projects will be presented on Monday, 18th of July, at the Belgrade New Communications Festival B-Link, on the Internet: Krvna and is a project aimed at using the popular social networking site Facebook, to transmit information about the necessary donors of blood more quickly, and to call people more active. Within the framework of the project, Facebook was created by blood types, so when a particular blood type is needed, it is possible to send people’s information directly to them and ask them to be donors to those in critical condition. More than 10 thousand people have been collected on Facebook, and the big thanks go to the Web community: bloggers, twitterers and online media who supported the project. The project is the work of Webpro marketing agency. is an action that supports Japan, it was created as an initiative of the local Internet community. From idea to nearly 500 t-shirts and brooches sold to help Japan, it’s been a little over 2 months, with almost no investment relying solely on the enthusiasm of individuals who participated in the project. How did the project come out, who are the participants and whether it is possible to use a similar model and in other situations you will find out at the presentation of the initiative?