Exhibition of photographs “Hemofarm through time”

Cocktail in the O3one Gallery
Monday, June 14th at 20h

As part of the celebration of the Hemofarm anniversary, an exhibition of photographs will be opened at O3ONE on Monday, June 14th at 20:00, which testifies to the 50 years of existence and successful work of this company. The photographs are, above all, the people who built the spirit and the way of Hemofarm, and are recorded with the apparatus of photographers of different generations, which creates a special atmosphere at the exhibition. The public will have the opportunity to see the exhibition on June 15th – 22nd, 2010.

“Life is a miracle that is constantly consumed and emptied, yet it lasts”
– Ivo Andrić

The exhibition of photographs “Hemofarm through time” is conceived as an unusual multimedia journey through time, seen by the eyes of photographers of different generations. It is a story of perseverance, of the victorious spirit and persistence that it is constantly strengthening, leaving behind the trace of life’s serenity.

The story of Hemofarm is a story about people’s commitment to the company and its mission – creating a healthier world. Hemofarm marks half a century of successful growth and development, commitment to values, the weaving of the most valuable living threads, proud of the hopes we have made, welcoming new challenges… In the year of the anniversary, half a century of development, it is stronger and stronger than ever.