July 27th, starting at 20:30h

The presentation of JavaWorld at the Belgrade New Communications Festival (B-link 2011), which has traditionally been held in the gallery space of O3ONE, will be held at O3ONE Gallery on Wednesday, 27th of July, at 20:30h, this year, the sixth time in a row.


JavaWorld is an open Java community for open Java people. The origin and development follow the idea of forming an active organization of Java developers and companies dealing with Java, to effectively exchange knowledge, ideas and valuable experience. JavaWorld also works to bring together high-quality, modern and reliable solutions and projects based on Java technologies.

Light summer gathering in O3ONE

This gathering is organized in cooperation with JavaWorld, and on the occasion of the release of Java 7, the new version of the world’s most popular programming platform. The audience will be able to hear an interesting overview of the history of the Java platform, as well as to remind themselves of the very beginnings and ideas that led to the emergence of this technology. It will also be a word about the JavaWorld community – mission, history, and plans for the future. We will also discuss new capabilities of the Java 7 platform, and the last part of the presentation will be dedicated to OSS initiatives from Serbia.


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