The exhibition “Redesign – we create brands”

After the success of the project “Redesign – we create new brands” in 2009, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, SIEPA launched a campaign in 2010 intending to redesign packages of products intended for export. This project will help to establish better cooperation between the economy and educational institutions, to promote the importance and improve the packaging of domestic products, but also to promote young designers. For the packaging design, students of the Polytechnics Academy of Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Design of Megatrend University engaged in industrial design, which demonstrated their knowledge and skills on examples from practice.

Of the thirty-three received applications, seven products were selected based on business results, brand recognition and geographical distribution: Frigonais (Niš) – fruit puree, Vumo (Ugrinovci) – Celuna slippers and clogs, Royal Eco Food (Belgarde) – Gift crate: ajvar chilli, ajvar and plum jam, Ufar (Barajevo) – DIAMEL natural fruit sugar, INSA (Zemun) – alarm clock with two bells, YUMIS (Niš) – soup in a bag, Tomaco Line (Leskovac) – chocolate bar. These seven brands have received new packaging solutions, and student design solutions can be seen at the O3ONE Gallery from January 24th – 29tth, 2011.