Natural, spiritual, and cultural values

Traveling Fruška Gora from the time of the Tethys ocean to the present. Discovering the secret of Fruška Gora, true natural, spiritual and cultural excellence:

  • Unusual records in geological time – a trip from Africa to NewEurope, a rich treasure of fossil finds. The unique paleontological biodiversity is over 70 million years old.
  • The uniqueness of the Fruška Gora is in natural association with the largest European river – The Danube, then the delta of Tisa River as well as the lower part of the Sava River.
  • Fruška Gora is a fragmented mountain massif. Although its height does not exceed 550 meters, it is a mountain in all geomorphological characteristics, with the most varied relief forms, even in the sinkholes. Special value to Fruška Gora is its marking, because it is lonely, surrounded by an unparalleled vast Pannonian plain.
  • The nature of Fruška Gora is an ecological phenomenon and a superior biodiversity site with over 1,400 species (more than Kopaonik – 900, or Đerdap – 900 species).
  • The world’s exceptionality of Fruška Gora is 38 Orthodox monasteries, of which today seventeen active (Svetigora).
  • The value of Fruška Gora also includes hundreds of small settlements scattered throughout the territory, which gives a complex of exceptional connections of natural and social characteristics. People living on Fruska Gora are adorned with an authentic mentality and ethnological features.