The trees speak

AUTHORS: Nela and Lidija Antonović
Opening on Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 19h

The three-day program includes all forms of art: fine arts, photography, new media, performance, installations and other experimental forms, which will be analyzed and interpreted through lectures, presentations and workshops of science and technology, where (im)possible discourse about natural laws in the function of art, or art in the function of natural laws. This work functions by provoking what does not contain, which is a model of world observation by trees, of nature with art.

This provocative and utopian concept of transmedia and ecology of thought gathered a large number of people of different professions: from Editors, Photographers, Painters, Dramaturges, Composers, and Performers to a Professors at the Faculty of Forestry, Botanists, Architects, Ecologists, and Technologists. Innovative values come in the frontier of two areas, and in this way, revolutionary ideas can arise and new artistic codes can be created.