Gestalt psychology - Mladen Kostić
March 10th, 2011

How important it is to know yourself that the ancient Greeks and Romans have long ago emphasized – Gnothi Seauton and Nosce and Ipsum. At this psychological gathering, our most prominent GESTALT psychotherapist will speak about this. Mladen Kostić. He will refer visitors to what we know about the unconscious part and what can be achieved and what theoretical settings are based on this approach. Dr. Kostić will talk about the importance of knowing his unconscious in everyday life and the psychotherapy process and psychological counseling.

The goal of this psychological gathering would be to contact and achieve awareness of something in us with which we are not in good contact or with whom we are not in contact at all, which is of great importance for our everyday life. Our most valuable Gestalt therapist and educator will hold a kind of workshop with participants in the to refer them to Gestalt therapy techniques. Through a psychological exercise through which participants will be guided by suggestions, Mladen Kostić will guide the participants through the introspective experience through which they have passed, on their experience, feelings, thoughts. These psychological experiences will then be linked to real-life situations.