Green t(e)race

June 24th - July 2nd, 2011 > Opening at 17h

The workshop on roof gardens aims to find answers to many questions: whether infrastructure should be considered as a landscape or landscape as an infrastructure? Prestige or necessity? Heroism or everyday life? History or the future? Complexity or sterility? Instrument or strategic solution? Are Roof Gardens in Belgrade a question or answer?

The workshop brings together young landscape architects who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the design and maintenance of roof gardens. The program is designed as an interactive classroom with lecturers and work on real examples with the final presentation and exhibition. Topics covered by the workshop include construction technology, materials, design principles, maintenance, performance, implementation effects, public participation, strategic planning, etc.

The Youth Association of Landscape Architects (PUPA) is a student association that emerged as a desire of the Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia (UPAS) to create a more favorable, better quality and more competitive environment for this profession in our country. The goal of the organization is to promote the values of landscape architecture as a profession through various projects, public events, exhibitions, salons, competitions, educational stands, installations in the public space. The topics we deal with are public space design, ecological engineering, sustainable development, spatial planning, socio-cultural aspect of landscapes, improvement of environmental conditions of life in urban areas, protection of nature and image of landscapes.