Searching in Vain

Simon Zec
July 11th - 23rd, 2011 > Opening at 19h

Is it possible to find Light in our Darkness?

In this multimedia installation, Simon Zec creates a dark, isolated space where we are offered an individual choice: to follow the light or to stay in the darkness and become the Light. Searching in Vain contrasts the conventional symbols of light and dark, bringing about a shift in their essence. The comfort of the light is replaced by engulfing darkness, which becomes a conflict arena for self-realization. Instead of searching for external enlightenment, we can find it from within by staying in our own dark space.

This individual choice is facilitated using a metaphoric spiritual platform. The eerie photographs create a hallway leading the viewer to the Alter, a video piece, which sets the eternal question: do we need the fabricated light? The symbolical use of LED headlamps brings about a change in the perception of the viewer, allowing them the control the darkness, thus ultimately realizing their inner potential.

Australian artist Simon Zec, born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1989, completed his studies at the Photography Studies College (PSC) in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. During his final year, majoring in Fine Art, he studied under the Berlin-based artist Boris Eldagsen. Upon concluding his studies, Simon was awarded, among others, the Fuji Australia Research Award 2010. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Melbourne and Tokyo.

Simon Zec deals with the darker side of the human psyche. He examines the ideas of the personal choice, conscious struggle for the self and the enlightenment of human perception. His work is multimedia-based, branching Photography, Video, Installation, and Performance. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.