Ten Years of Systematization of Serbian Comics, Ten Years of System Comics
July 4th - 9th, 2011 > Opening at 19h

When they named their publishing house System Comics, trio Moro, Rusalić and Marković didn’t know that ten years later this name will get its real meaning. System Comics took the task with great enthusiasm to present to its readers the most valuable comics that were created in Serbian production, even before the existence of this publishing house.

Because of these facts and a meager offer of the domestic authors, System Comics became the chronicler and witness of the Comics events in Serbia since the beginning of this century, not only as a publisher, but as a permanent member of the Belgrade Comics Salon, organizer of the many promotions, exhibitions and Comics gatherings in Serbia and region.

In cooperation with numerous domestic authors, many comics works saw the light of the day – “Technotise“,“Darkness“, „Aaron“, „Astroiđani“, „Vekovnici“, „Clique Dardaneli“, „Deep and Cold“, „Murders Like You and Me“, „Bernard Panasonik“ etc. The authors are: Aleksa Gajić, Zoran Janjetov, Rajko Milošević Gera, Željko Pahek, Darko Perović, Pavle Zelić, Dragan Paunović, Marko Stojanović, Bojan Redžić, Bojan Kovačević, Tihomir Čelanović, Vladimir Aleksić, Milorad Vicanović Maza, Srđan Nikolić Peka, Radomir Izgarević and many others.