Birds of Freedom

Rafael Consuegra
August 22nd - 27th, 2011

“All of my sculptures are inspired by movement and balance.”

Exhibition of the great American artist, sculptor and painter of the Cuban origin Rafael Consuegra will be open on the 22nd of August at 19h in the O3ONE Gallery. This exhibition was made possible with the support of the project „Belgrade 2020“ and the Culture Centre of Mladenovac.

Rafael Consuegra is a sculptor who surprises others with his unique vision, insight, and ability to breathe life into metal. He gets inspiration from everything that surrounds him, the mundane and the spiritual. His sculptures range in size from small-scale work to monumental public art commissions.

Five years ago, on the call of The Culture Centre of Mladenovac, Consuegra was a guest of the 20th Art colony and on that occasion, he impressed the visitors with his works and his charismatic personality. He exhibited his works during the last 35 years all around the world with great success.

O3ONE exhibition will hold seven paintings and ten sculptures of this renowned artist who is Ambassador of Culture in Miami. Consuegra’s sculptures will be seen as a part of the Olympic Exhibition in London in 2012.


Consuegra was born in Havana, Cuba in 1941. Seeking exile from Cuba, he left the Island in 1960. and established residence in Miami, Florida where he began his art studies. As an art student, he was twice granted the Cintas Fellowship from the International Institute of Education in New York. After receiving a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Miami, he taught Sculpture and Design at the college level for seven years. Wanting to dedicate his efforts solely to art, he left teaching and moved to Europe. In Europe, he exhibited widely throughout France, Spain, Denmark, and Switzerland. After eight years in Europe, he moved back to the United States where he established a permanent studio in Miami, Florida.