Kosta Kulundzic
August 9th - 17th, 2011 > Opening at 19h

The O3ONE project represents the exhibition by imminent artist Kosta Kulundžić which will be held on Tuesday, 9th of August at 19h in O3ONE Gallery. The exhibition, on which the latest artist’s works from the collection My Religion will be represented, will be open to the public during the period from 9 august to17 august 2011.

Kosta Kulundžić is a French artist of Serbian origin with almost built a worldwide career. His latest controversial exhibition named My Religion undoubtedly gave him the position of the contemporary iconographer. The thin line between uncompromising credence and terror, Kulundžić tended to show through very expressive strip narration. Motives of Angel Gabriel making the horns with his medium fingers and St. George as being a soldier laying in exotic heaven keeping his Hollywood machine gun close to himself suggest on strong critic interpretation of religious heritage. Humor and cruel critic, presented on Kulundzic works, live up to expectations and hopes that have been put in him by imminent famous Serbian painter Vlada Veličković, which attention has been attracted on young Kosta Kulindžić on the very beginning of his career.

I have always wanted to show Juditah not innocent and pure as if she is shown in art history. The way she was a femme fatale who cut her people enemy’s head, military leader Holofernes… that’s absolutely something physical and concretely… it can’t be as it if nothing is had happened. I’ve always strived to show the fact that contemporary girls won males, but the fact is we adore to be defeated. We enjoy it, it’s kinda relief to us. We are kneeling on our knees saying: „C’ mon please, cut my head off.“ Blood and girls, that’s a mixture that smells well. – stated Kosta Kulundžić.