Belgrade Youth Center Contest for new projects in art and culture

To animate creative and talented young people who have difficulty realizing their ideas, the Youth Center of Belgrade decided in 2010 to launch another initiative that will enable them to present their creativity to the public. So far, the Youth Center has been an institution open to all high-quality art projects and ideas, especially those of experimental and innovative. In the new season, we want to formalize cooperation with young artists through the announcement of the Competition for new projects, and the three best ideas will be realized in 2012.

This way, in cooperation with the NGO sector, started in 2006 within the Magacin in Kraljevića Marka, we want to provide the opportunity for other formal and informal groups and individuals to implement their high-quality ideas with the support of the Youth Center. Last year, the selected projects were the Festival of Self-organized Choirs and an exhibition of the design group A3.

As a cultural center that primarily creates programs for young people and in cooperation with them, the Youth Center in the renovated program rooms, in addition to renewing all the activities that are a trademark of our institution, wants to significantly expand its activities to new artistic practices and new associates. In the new Youth Center, all conditions are at the highest level, and three stores with different capacities and technical resources can satisfy the needs of the realization of various program contents.


We invite artists, formal and informal art groups, associations, and non-governmental organizations to apply for this competition with projects that promote new values in art or new forms of promotion of cultural values.

The right to participate in the competition is limited to authors who have up to thirty years.

In addition to innovation, the proposed projects will be evaluated in view of their actuality, attractiveness for the younger audience, professionalism in their realization, material and technical feasibility and, especially, insofar as they contribute to profiling of the Youth Center as a cultural center that promotes contemporary art and other fields culture and demonstrates a modern presentation of cultural values.

Projects can be limited to an artistic discipline, but also multidisciplinary, and as far as their authors and performers are concerned, they can be not only individuals but also co-productions at the national or international level.

The selected projects will be realized in the Youth Center or inappropriate exteriors in the territory of Belgrade, and their preparation and realization can not last more than one year. The proposed form and the production framework of works and projects cannot be changed after submitting the tender documentation.

Previously implemented projects, as well as school/student works, will not be taken into consideration.
The three best projects will be included in the program of the Youth Center in 2012.

The deadline for the applications is 20 September 2011.

The competition application form can be downloaded HERE or on the premises of the Center (Makedonska 22/IV), on working days from 10h until 16h.

Applications for the competition can be submitted by post, at the address: Belgarde Youth Center, Makedonska 22/IV, 11000 Belgarde (with a note: Competition for new ideas) or by e-mail, to the address: (with the message title: Competition for new ideas).

The applications will be examined by the expert commission, and the results of the competition will be published on the website of the Youth Center and in print media by mid-October 2011.