Human Rights Logo Design

In May this year, an international call was published for the design of the logo of human rights. The initiative comes from Germany, and it is based on the principles of the UN Charter of Human rights. The open call aims to adopt a universal, recognizable and understandable sign to all of the world’s population. 

In August the call was in its final stage when they announced the list of 10 finalists out of 15300 works. One of those ten finalists is our fellow citizen Zoran Džeferdanović, and his work by the name: „7 continents give the human face to equality“.  Zoran is not the only Serb in the 10 finalists. Predrag Stakic is in this race with his work “Free as a man”. On that occasion, we are organizing a press conference along with the discussion with one of the Serbian finalists.

The work of the winner will be presented in the United Nations on September the 23rd 2011. A selected sign will be used without restriction because copyrights won’t be preserved. The whole world will be able to use the sign.

The idea of this open call is that the sign is created by the people and is voted by the people. The voting is on the Internet.
Following this link you can see the 10 finalists:

The voting is open until September the 19th 2011.