“Unattainable inspiration origin of the contemporary fashion action”

September 26th – October 1st, 2011 > Opening at 19:30h

If we see fashion as a general phenomenon or as a creative practice of a talented individual, both ways we can discuss the external effect on the subject’s self. It is very important to determine the origin of clothing because that is a substantial indicator of cultural exchange and assimilation, description of the temporal and spatial movement of people or creator through the evolution of the environment.

Because of that, during this exhibition visitors will be able to see parts of different projects. Through photographs and projections, the following projects will be presented:

Happy Family – Dejana Vučićević. The goal of this project is to show clothing as a part of the aesthetic reality of the moment and style change as a product of society’s change and vice versa. Through fragments of project Zubon, it will be explained how ethnic heritage becomes an inspiration to fashion creativity. This project is the work of Beo Design Collective: Jelena and Svetlana Proković, Tamara Radivojević, and Evica Milovanov Penezić

Also, individual models of the diverse independent contemporary artists from Belgrade Fashion Week will show the liaison between past that participates in the construction of nowadays fashion scene – Doda Komad, Slobodan Mihajlović, Verica Rakočević, Nataša Šarić, sisters Stevančević, Ana Ljubinković, Ivana Pilja, Ljuba Sikimić, and fashion brand Ivko.

The authors of the exhibition:
Mr. Ksenija Marković, fashion designer
Nenad Radujević, director of the Belgrade Fashion Week