Autumn Creative Art magazine – Creative or cloned

October 22nd, 2011, at 20h

“Creative or Cloned” multimedia exhibition will be held in the Creative Art magazine on October 22nd at O3ONE Gallery. The exhibition will feature works by selected young artists and designers from Serbia and the region in the field of illustration, photography, sculpture, painting and costume design.

This event aims to promote quality creators from our area and give them a unique opportunity to present their works to the public and prominent artists and designers.

Under the slogan that culture is not an expense, but an investment, we have gathered young artists and prominent artists with the desire to get closer and show the young fruits of our creative sky.

Creative or Cloned Commission: Tomislav Peternek (photography), Željko Tonšić (painting), Gabrijel Glid (sculpture), Doda Komad (costume), Rade Kosanović (design).

The exhibition opening on Oktober 22nd, starting at 20h, O3ONE Gallery.

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