Balkanleaks – Wikileaks in the Balkans

September 29th, 2011, starting at 19h

On Thursday, September 29th, at 19h at the O3ONE Gallery, the Pirate Party of Serbia in cooperation with the Belgrade New Communications Festival (B-link), organizes a workshop for all citizens interested in learning new techniques of free publication of information following the modern information age.

To promote transparency, fight against organized crime and unjustified political benefits, the Balkanleaks ( project was modeled on the Wikileaks project that defined a new approach to solving problems on a global scale.

Wikileaks has done what many good people and free online workers have been struggling for decades: freedom of information, transparency of institutions, visibility and the detection of corrupt work. This is the next change that needs to be drawn on the map of political revolutions around the world, and it seems that we are now beginning to see its beginnings.

Serbian pirates will demonstrate basic techniques for preparing and sending documents to and other loudspeaker sites in the O3ONE workshop. The entry is free and free information flow.