Đorđe Stojanović
October 10th - 22nd, 2011

Workshop „Inconsistencies“ will be held in O3ONE Gallery and students of the Faculty of Architecture will participate in this workshop supported by the Architecture studio 4of7. The workshop is the third and final part of the research project which examines the phenomenon of material transformation. 
The intended method is using available materials and simple techniques. Jar rubbers will be used as constructive components for complex spatial structures.
The capability of rubber materials to stretch and to compress by the influence of external forces and afterward to come back to its original state is to be exploited as a method of construction. Elasticity, variability within the range of reversible deformation of materials, will be the central character of the prototype. The process of construction will be documented and open for the visitor of the O3ONE Gallery.

The workshop begins on Monday the 10th of October at noon and lasts until the 17th of October. During the work hours of the Gallery, the workshop is open for the public. The opening of the exhibition is on Tuesday, the 18th of October at 19h.
Đorđe Stojanović born in Belgrade in 1974. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and continued his studies in London where he got two master degrees, one in Architecture Associaton and the other one at the London School of Economics. Since the year 2000, he worked as a licensed architect in Great Britain. He developed his interest in complex geometry, innovative technology, and integrated designer protocols during his engagement as a design director in AKT Company in London. Since 2008 he is a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where he works as a professor. The same year he establishes studio 4of7 which implements the works on adaptation of the project Dunavski Cvet.