Jerusalem – on the mix of cultures

Thursday, October 6th, 2011, at 20h

Jerusalem is the holy city of three great religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. During its long history, it was twice dismantled, and countless times under siege, re-captured and released. On the clash of different cultures, Jerusalem emerged as a sort of phenomenon and continued to attract the attention of scientists and laymen.

With the dialogue on the Jerusalem subject, we will illuminate the cultural connections of this city, we will talk about its cultural heritage and culture as a potential cohesion factor.

This grandstand was organized with the International Cultural Center and the Balkan Center for the Middle East, and the O3ONE project gave full support to these efforts to introduce cultures.

Topics and participants:

About the Jerusalem beginning – Prof. Dr. Rade Božović

Visual Culture of Jerusalem in a Judo-Christian Tradition – Doc. Dr. Jelena Erdeljan, Faculty of Philosophy, History of Art.

Jerusalem in Islamic Tradition and Culture – Ivan Kostić M.A., Balkan Center for the Middle East.

About the current state and everyday life of people in Jerusalem – Nj. E. Mister Mohammed K. M. NABHAN, Ambassador of Palestine in Serbia and Nj.E. Mister Yossef LEVY, Ambassador of Izrael in Serbia.