Public invitation for exhibiting sculptures and drawings at the Belgrade Fortress Gallery in the Inner Stambol Gate for 2012

JP “Belgrade Fortress” within the gallery activity for 2012, invites interested artists, members of the association of fine and applied artists, as well as students of the final year and master studies of faculties of applied and fine arts, to provide materials for exhibiting works in the Gallery of the Inner Stambol Gate for 2012.

The exhibition of sculptures with accompanying drawings is planned in 2012. Gallery space (dimension 6×4, 5×2,5 meter, front door dimensions 0,8×1,5 meter) it contains a maximum of 6 items for drawings (dimension 100×70 cm) and 6 items for sculpture.

Complete the application for the competition (can be downloaded on the website of the Belgrade Fortress), 3 drawing photographs and 3 sculpture photographs on CD – in (or photographs of works) send on email or the Gallery of the Inner Stambol Gate (working hours from 10h until 17h).

The time for delivery of works is from October 15th until November 10th, 2011. The submitted applications will be considered by the Art Company Council.

The results will be announced at the end of November 2011 and published on the site