“Through the Contemporary Art of the Seventies”

October 24th - 29th, 2011

The second year in a row, in cooperation with Tanjug, O3ONE reveals photos of one of Europe’s most valuable photo archives. Tanjug holds the archives of its predecessors – newspapers agency Avala which existed between two World Wars and of Pres Biro, which existed before the First World War. Considering these facts the oldest photo in Tanjug photo archive dates from the year 1912. Photo archive of the Tanjug News Agency holds up to 3.5 million negatives.

The exhibition consists of 30 black and white photos of the most important exhibitions that were hosted in the capital of the former Yugoslavia, taken by the photographers: Anton Vaš, Bogdan Bradvarović, Branko Obradović, Živorad Vučić, and Vladimir Dobričić.

Belgrade in the seventies. The avant-garde of Yugoslavia. After the students’ protests and the sexual revolution, the city was open for new tendencies in fine arts. Together with the world trends, experiments with the installations, performances, conceptual art were held. Citizens of Belgrade could see, as well as their fellow man from the Western countries, the representative works of the contemporary design from Great Britain, Mongolia, and also Hungarian contemporary art, Persian art, ceramics and tapestry of the United States and arts from Washington.