Ubuntu Presentation – Let’s meet together Oneiric Ocelot

October 13th, 2011 starting at 19h

The presentation of the local Ubuntu community for Serbia will take place on October 13th, 2011, starting at 18h in the O3ONE Gallery.

In addition to the obvious reason, we are greeted together with the latest issue of GNU Linux distribution Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot. Ubuntu 11.10, the event itself has one more, but no less important topic. the guest on this presentation will be the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Serbia, Rodoljub Šabić. The topics we will discuss with the distinguished guest:

1. Position of FLOSS projects in the legal and tax system of the Republic of Serbia;
2. Preparation for the forthcoming standardization of electronic documents in public transport;
3. The attitude of institutions on the use of the FLOSS solution to prevent dependence on monopoly software vendors and reducing costs in the budget.

Answers to these questions are a guideline for community activities in the future, with the Ubuntu community of Serbia boasting:

  • translation teams of Ubuntu community volunteers keep an enviable level of translation and localization of Ubuntu, in the very top;
  • the system of presentations across Serbia gives results, the activities to increase the percentage of using the FLOSS solution are great;
  • support to the public and the business sector results, almost every fifth company in Serbia uses FLOSS solutions, in large systems this percentage is even better (48%);
  • support for the education system is continued, the principals in Belgrade, covered by the program that gives them the use of laptop computers using the Ubuntu version of Edubuntu, and the Ubuntu community is a consultant.

“With the existing system of values, the activism of the individual, transformed into the community’s effort is the bright spot of altruism that adorns this, and all other FLOSS communities, owe our gratitude to the thousands of individuals who invested their time and knowledge in the results we are booming for this effort in addition to the gratitude of the community and society, an adequate reward is the latest edition of Ubuntu, which we welcome. This time, we get a new kernel labeled 3.x.x. consequently significant acceleration of the whole system, as well as better hardware support, welcome changes in the graphical environment, completely redefined and improved Gwibber social aspect of Ubuntu, as well as many other improvements.” – said in a statement by the Ubuntu Community of Serbia.