„Choir and orchestra for emergency situations – wheezing on the Salon“

November 28th – December 5th, 2011

In the year 2011 Art Clinic celebrates the 10th Aniversary. Ten years of long survival and action of the Art Clinic consist of numerous performances, simulations, actions and reactions and taking a stand towards the local social and political scene. At the moment, the Art Clinic is on a turning point, confronted with internal and external difficulties. The big celebration is the reason for pointing out the question if is it possible to continue with the actions in the same manner, or if is it necessary to establish a new paradigm. The October Salon represents an opportunity to summarize the past, and to make a symbolic act of self abolition and new birth. Based on that philosophy, the appearance of Art Clinic on the  October Salon is conceptualized in two segments: in statu moriendi, towards the past, a celebration of death and in statu nascendi, towards the future, the celebration of birth.

Project O3ONE participates on the 52. October Salon with the Art Clinic’s exhibition and performance
“Choir and orchestra for emergencies – wheezing on the Salon”. The exhibition consists of documentary photographs and videos that recorded actions of the Art Clinic during the Salon. Visitors will have the opportunity to get to know socially engaged and AEST-ethic actions that marked the appearance of this group on October Salon. The following actions have been documented: The Women in Black, We Are Crossing the Threshold, The Market and Wheezing.

The action „Choir and orchestra for emergencies“ performed on the opening of the Novi Sad Salon, had a goal to project actual state in culture, caused by non-existing cultural policies and strategies for the cultural development.

The opening ceremony will be held on the 1st of December at 20h in the O3ONE Gallery when the members of Art Klinika will perform the last act during this October Salon.