Digital Sovereignty

On Wednesday, October 23rd, starting at 17h in the O3ONE Gallery, Serbian Pirate Party will organize one more in a row of BalkanLeaks workshops. Admittance is free and all interested citizens may come to try and learn the Wikileaks techniques that have redefined journalism, activism and civil disobedience, in the information era. Also, they will thoroughly analyze the matter of privacy on social networks and give practical examples of balancing the input and the output of data when using them. 

The workshop can be especially interesting to journalists who have problems with censorship and who are struggling with the influence of interest groups on the media they are working for. Also, all parties interested in the increase of transparency in the public and state institutions have a great opportunity to inform themselves on how to attribute to that goal.

A special segment of this workshop will be focused on Q&A’s wit Samir Allioui, founder of the Dutch Pirate Party and co-president of the Pirate Parties International.

Open discussion with Samir will begin shortly after the one-hour demonstration of Wikileaks techniques for journalists and a brief introduction and analysis of individual digital sovereignty.