Blink2011 – festival of new communications

November 14th - 20th, 2011

Every year, a Belgrade Festival gathers all enthusiasts, tech freaks, Internet activists, geeks, marketing gurus, those who have something to say, but also those who can respond by opening various issues that have a common starting point – communication. As it does to a Belgrade festival, B-link is a place where new connections, acquaintances, and dealings are made.
UK Parobrod, KC Grad, Belgarde Youth Center, and O3ONE are four locations that this year are (B)linking to the whole program, as more and more people who want to be (B)linked. All in all, Blink is a warm, friendly event where communion takes place in both directions.

This year’s, sixth in a row, Blink will be held (14th – 20th) November and will deal with new communications and technologies as well as those where they find the most creative use.
Visitors expect the following topics, dilemmas, and controversies:

  • Steve Jobs – Simplicity as ultimate complexity.
  • Watch me through the monitor?
  • How to lead conversations on social networks?
  • Who is scared of the cloud? / How to Live Free?
  • Androids are among us.
  • Do you have an interlocutor?
  • Čipom ću te, čipom ćeš me…
  • When I hear the bird buzz, I think „gotta re-tweet, gotta re-tweet!“
  • Fast flow through the world – Belgarde 2020
  • Pay! – Is Serbia ready for payment and pay system through the Internet?