Exhibition 15X

The exhibition problematizes portrait in the form of photo essay consisted of ten photographs making the visual narration of work itself. Linking act of narrative and the visual part, with precisely defined concept as a cornerstone, perform the function of visual thinking fluently moves through different registers – visual, textual, virtual and subjective one.  Who are (these) people and how do (not) we see them? What do they reveal about themselves to us and what do we project in them? What photography tells about them and what about us?… those are questions posed by Dragana Latinović, Gordan Jarić, Dina Ejdus, Nada Kostić, Vera Sablić, Milena Mišić, Jelica Pavlović, Vesna Petović, Biljana Bošković, Dina Todorović, Jovana Milivojević, Dimitrije Košarić, Aleksandar Ćosić, Mia Marković, and Olivera Miletić.

Schedule: 10th – 24th December 2011.
Author: Mr. Nаdа Seferović