Open Source CMS vs. In-house CMS

Tuesday, November 8th, starting at 20:00h

Open Source CMS vs. In-house CMS deals with the topic of the CMS (Content Management System) platform and their application in various spheres of web business.

In the last few years, we can notice great progress in OpenSource CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla or Word Press, with hundreds of modules that further expand their functionality. On the other hand, the rapid advancement of web technologies requires development teams to adapt their solutions to the growing needs of clients where the in-house CMS solution is sometimes the only way to respond adequately to new requirements.

The question is, what is a better and more cost-effective solution in a specific situation. What the structure of the development team looks like, as well as the process of learning the work in one case with Open Source solutions, and in the second with already existing in-house CMS platforms.

Participants in the discussion on these topics are the leaders of our most famous companies dealing with web development in Serbia:

Bogdan Brkić, Diwanee (
Rade Mačković, founder of Omnicom Solutions-a (
Stevan Koprivica, dir. of development Network Systems (

Grandstand moderator is Vita Jevremović (Digital Mind)