Panel discussion on Ivan Đaja

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, starting at 18h

Where is the limit of the viability of a living organism? Can we do something to move it? Join us in an interesting panel discussion and learn more about physiology and experiments that borders with the impossible, get acquainted with the work of prof. Dr. Ivan Đaja, a scientist whose vision was celebrated by the Belgrade School of Physiology.

Physics is a natural science that deals with the study and interpretation of the physical and chemical factors responsible for the emergence, development, and flow of life, with a particular emphasis on mechanisms that control and regulate life processes, i.e. maintain homeostasis. It studies the ways of functioning of all living beings, from the simplest viruses to complex multicellular organisms such as man. The name physiology comes from the Greek word physis (φυσις) – nature and logos (λόγος) – science.


  • Prof. Dr. Pavle Anđus; Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
  • Prof. Dr. Radomir Đorđević (retired); Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade
  • Assistant Predrag Vujović; Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade