The Law is Ours

Saturday, September 24th, 2011, starting at 17h

With an initiative of e-Administration and NGO’s, we are given a historical opportunity to actively participate in the process of making and implementation of laws as citizens of Serbia. We, the citizens of this country currently have a minimal, almost non-existent influence on the process of making an application of the law under which we all live. We don’t see the law as if it was ours, nor that we can participate in its making.

Opinions and general awareness of Serbian citizens today are under the direct influence of mass media. Those media are controlled by the financial interests of large corporations. Electronic and printed media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and public spaces like billboards are not ours. They serve only to make money, and they are owned by corporate magnates. As if this wasn’t enough, our state administration is being abused daily by the political parties. They use it to gain their political interest since it is closely connected with big money.

The purpose of the “Law is ours” initiative is to inform and connect people of various work activities into an influential network, made from “ordinary people”, to get them involved in the process of lawmaking and implementation. At this moment, in that process, less than 0.5% of the citizens are involved. That number has to get larger, considering that this is the law that directly regulates all of our lives.

As more and more citizens get involved, our lobbying and pressure on our elected representatives will get stronger to vote on changes of the Law on state administration in our Parliament. This will help us achieve our goal substantially. With enough people, this initiative should accomplish its task within one year.

With enough effort and energy, we should have a horizontally regulated state administration. Also, this will help make the law soothe the needs of society. Lawmaking must not be done behind closed doors, in the absence of reality. The law must serve the citizens, not the interest of individuals.

Main consequences of these changes are:

  • A much more democratic society;
  • Public control over public interests;
  • Making the state service of the people, not the other way around.

The initiative is funded by:
Educational center
Center for the Advancement of Legal Studies – CALS
Bureau for Social Research – BSR
Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina
Union of Employers of Serbia

The initiative is supported by:
Administration for the Digital Agenda
Prevention and Fighting against the Corruption, Republic of Serbia
Commissioner for Information of Public Importance
Office for Cooperation with Civil Society
Protector of citizens
Serbian Pirate Party