ACTA talks

Thursday, February 9th, at 19:30h

In the light of the lightning events from the beginning of the year, the defense of the “world” of SOPA and PIPA law, the global rebellion for international ACTA agreements, within the B-link festival, and in cooperation with the Pirate Party, we are organizing a panel in order to inform the public of Serbia about these events.

Many see the Internet as the only “place” where we can be free and where practice, and every proclaimed democracy, is the only possible. Laws recently spoken in the media threaten to limit that space. However, certain laws are not known to everyone, and if these laws were passed by the ratification and legislative procedures of each country, they would have unimaginable consequences.

In addition to clarifying the essence of these laws, we will also raise issues related to identifying the boundaries that these laws propose to us. We will talk about whether Serbia is struck and how it relates to international laws and initiatives of this type. In the end, we will pay great attention to the influence of citizens on such global tendencies, the way we can be informed, connect and organize.

Žarko Ptiček, the lawyer in the field of IT law;
Ognjen Uzelac, a specialist in copyright and related rights in music;
Aleksandar Blagojević, founder of the Pirate Party of Serbia and activists in the field of protection of the digital sovereignty of an individual.