January 16th - 21st, 2011
Authors: Borjan Grujić and Nenad Aćimović
Opening on Monday, January 16th, 2011 at 19h

Project “Outflow/Dissolution” is a visualization of complex and mixed core problems and an open space for interaction. Globally and locally, Europe and Serbia, “Big” world and our “little” everyday worlds are being torn apart in confusion and anxiety. Where to go? Do we need another revolution? Is it possible to perform a new revolution?
Center and the outskirts, exclusion and diversity, life chances, the freedom of choice and the right to choose, freedom of speech, unemployment, lack of policy and the lack of political, responsibility, education and solidarity, violence, oligarchy, and corruption are some of the themes the authors emphasized and placed them on 10 workpieces. The goal is to question these themes through a dialog. The themes are presented in a minimalist and abstract way, connecting art and design. The talk with visitors will be led by sociologist Marijana Stojčić, and they will be able to intervene on the works simply by writing the solutions to the exposed problems.


Borjan Grujić/25 years old/graphic artist/bicyclist/
Author of the projects “Porub” in the Culture center Rex and “Zarez Fm” show on NOFM radio/ member of the expedition “Inex Film”
Freedom and heterogeneity are at high importance /
Graduated at the Faculty for Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, Graphic designer / studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Art history / participated in several group exhibition in Serbia and abroad /
His works are available on the Flickr /

Nenad Aćimović (1986), graduated from the Faculty for Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, Graphic designer.
Unemployed. Not a member of any association.
Not a founder of any studio. He didn’t publish any articles in magazines and newspapers.
Dedicated to design, calligraphy…