The first event of Young professionals 13th and 14th of February, 2012

The members of the IAA Young Professionals Section of the Serbian branch of the IAA are organizing their first educational event in the series called IntegracIAA, February 14th, at the O3ONE Gallery, with the sponsorship of the FullHouse Group, Spark, ZenithOptimedia, and Coca-Cola. The main idea is to educate and attract quality individuals from all spheres of the marketing industry, but also to gather representatives of the marketing profession, advertising and PR agencies, students and members of the IAA Serbian Chapter.

IntegracIAA is the first in a series of educational workshops to celebrate 20 years of work of the Serbian branch of the IAA, the section of Young Professionals are organizing a series of lectures and workshops with a goal to introduce students to the concept of work in the marketing agency, the concept of integrated marketing communications, the characteristics of traditional and modern communication channels, and the need to integrate them. By analyzing, critical approach and the results of the latest research in the field of media efficiency, the participants will be joined by a representative of the theoretical IMK approach, an agency that uses the IMK concept in its work – the Executive Group, as well as a representative of the Nielsen research agency.

The event will be completed with the exhibition “BeogrART” which will show artistic approaches to the integration of Belgrade, through the lens and brush of young artists Branka Nedimović, and Jelena Milović. In this way, attention will be drawn to the fact that the same substance can be perceived differently, but that the essential meaning is the same – just as the same marketing message can be sent to the audience by different channels.

Serbian Advertising Agency International Advertising Association (IAA) brings together professionals in the area of market communication, and within it last year, a section of Young Professionals. The IAA Young Professionals worldwide has over a thousand members in 15 national branches, while the section of the Serbian branch has 35 members in its ranks, with the tendency of growth. Activities of Young Professionals can be followed on the official website of the association (, Facebook page (, and Twitter.