UrbanLAB: Beograd2020. European Capital of Culture

March 19th - 24th, 2012
Opening at 19h

Urban LAB presents the work of the students that attend the first year of the academic studies – master, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. These works arose from September 2011 to January 2012 in the UrbanLAB studio, managed by Doc. Dr. Aleksandra Đukić, assistant Milena Vukmirović, and demonstrators Tena Lazarević, Ana Krga, Milica Mitrović, and Sonja Kesić. The project was realized in cooperation with the Board for Belgrade’s application for the European Capital of Culture.

The exhibition consists of 11 urban – architectural projects for 11 different locations in Belgrade, which were mapped as sites with a potential to become future epicenters of culture (Floral Square, Tašmajdan Park, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Zemun quay, Novi Beograd quay, Sava quay, Slavija Square and other places). Every solution represents a specific creative approach that was determined by the specificity of the site. The students tried to make a connection between the values of Belgrade and the values of Europe.

Students who are the authors of the projects are: Olivera Petrović, Natalija Ostojić, Emilija Josipović, Vladimir Matić, Darja Laškareva, Suzana Maksimović, Đulija Zlatanović, Miloš Kolarić, Suzana Obradović, Tamara Subotić, and Ognjen Marković.

Authors of the exhibitions: Dr. Aleksandra Đukić, Milena Vukmirović, and Tena Lazarević.