Femix Frame
March 8th, 2012 at 18h

Video selection “Youtube female room video” provides a glimpse into the explosion of female creativity enabled by the appearance of this site. With minimal technical conditions, but with the innate sense of dynamic assembly, thousands of webcam spots and short films are created in private apartments and women’s bedrooms, which then find their YouTube audience around the world. The restriction of the fixed camera has been overcome by the amusing rhythm and the effective use of simple movie tricks. The claustrophobic space was used up to the maximum as a place of talented actor-imitator and dance miniatures. The author of the accomplishment is often the only available actress, who appears in several roles, sometimes with the help of dogs, cats, and family members. From this creative madness, the result is a little relaxed masterpiece, which made the Internet more interesting to watch than TV.

“YouTube Women’s Room Video” is the March 8th edition of the Femix Frame program, which is organized by the Femix project and the O3ONE Gallery. There will be 19 short video works from 2007, from the early days of YouTube, and this selection was part of the BELEF program in the year. Aleksandar Gubaš, the selection author.