Political performance:

Performance for a radical change of the world or make-up of a corpse
March 24th - 27th, 2012

The O3one Gallery invites you to the Second Symposium “Political Performance: Performance for the Radical Change of the World or Make-up of the Corpse”,
March 24 – 27th 2012.

The program includes a series of performances, debates, and presentations, and the participants are well-known artists and performers from the world and Serbia.

The second symposium “Political Performance” is dedicated to the current theory and practice of performing a political performance in art and art performance in politics in the world and our country. The symposium wants to answer the question of the true nature of the latest political performances in the world and our country, through the dialogues of the theoreticians of all provinces and presenting the political performances of authors with various aesthetic and political beliefs.


Program of the Second Symposium “Political Performance” at the O3ONE Gallery, Andrićev Venac 12:
Saturday, March 24th, 2012, from 15h until 20h

Exposure: Performance for the Radical Change of the World or Make-up of the Corpse
Ana Milovanović, performer, Serbia

Exposure: Homo Anonymus VS Homo Politicus
“99 percent” movement, Serbian citizens performers

Exposure: The latest censorship of political art in Austria
Oliver Ressler, Vienna, Austria

Exposure: Photographs of political performance
Srđan Veljović, art photograph, Serbia

Exposure: Political performance in Latin America
Clemente Padin, performer, Argentina

Performance: CHE EUROPA
Fausto Grossi, performer, Italy

Exposure: Italy needs Revolution
Nikola Ruben Montini, performer, France

Performance: Duty of Memory
Carlos Pina, performer, Spain

Exposure: Performance in changes from socialism to democracy
Teodora Panajotova, journalist, Bulgaria
Performance: Vezem CHE-a
SABINA ROMANIN, performer, Italy

Daniel de Culla, performer, Spain

Exposure: Political performance as an artistic act
Slobodan Škerović, poet, art theorist and painter

Izlaganje: Forbidden music performance at Brick Lane Street
Dominik Faber, musician, and painter, UK

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 from 18:00h until 20:00h

Performance: Djumbir Halle Ginger- Ginger Lujah!
VALERIAN MALY, performer, Switzerland

Exposure: Dance of a political subject in Kotor
Ervina Dabižinović, Montenegro

Performance: QUORUM
Bogoljub Arsenijević Maki, performer, and painter

Performance: For the benefit of the nation
Peđa Gavrović, performer and painter

The second symposium “Political Performance” as a theme of extraordinary significance, emphasizes:

  • Performance for a radical change of the world or the make-up of a corpse – The world performance scene is characterized by a sincere wish for progressive changes or devoted makeup of the dead man? Artists performers are the listeners of global capitalism, whether they are aware of it or not?
  • Performances in the era of “imaginary suspicion”– Leading or supporting the role of performance on the eve of destruction? The nature and function of artistic potentials of performance in the second “Middle Ages”?
  • “Left, right, nowhere to find a shade” – What are the performances of today revolutionary, anti-fascist leftist, and which counterrevolutionary, fascist and right-wing? Is there an ideologically profiled performance of the left and right in the traditional meaning of these terms, and if there is a radical difference in their aesthetics?
  • “Money in the hand” “People without mercy” (Milan Mladenović) – Whether the performance is originally artistic and politically extremely critical, has now been turned into ordinary goods? Who pays the latest political performance in the world and our country?