Another window in the pool

May 31st - June 9th, 2012
Opening on May 31st, at 19h

This is the title of my doctoral polymedia photo session and video presentation which are dedicated to the Huttleldorf swimming pool as a metaphor of a space that designates limited freedom.

The era after the postmodern age has tragically lost the sense of sacral life or sacredness thus the basic idea of Another Window in the Pool is that people have lost their sense of sacredness so, in this sense, my artwork Another Window in the Pool demystifies the space of freedom as a simulation and delusion in modern humanity. In my polymedia work, I have transformed my favorite Hutteldorf swimming-pool into a symbolic place full of secret signs.
The names of my photos allude to the popular lyrics of a well-known song by the Pink Floyd music group. The music whose perfection I violate in my video presentation pointing out the problem of modern man is an alt C Erbarme dish from the Passion of Matthew by J.S.Bach. By contrasting the old and new, as well as the perfect and the imperfect, the ugly and the beautiful I want to say that beauty is hidden in antinomies as an essential manifestation of life.

Every day, people come to the Hutteldorf swimming pool to relax and keep fit. Repetition of an action creates a routine out of the activity. When life becomes a routine, everything, then, becomes mechanical and superficial. The swimming pool is also a metaphor for the problem of the alienation of modern, urban man. My work boils down to playing around with space and the finding of the lost, mystical sense of the secret of life. I have tried to find a secret meaning in a „clean“ space such as a swimming pool and to establish the old/new order of things. I wish to remind us all that water is a symbol of grace, but also death and new birth, even the Viennese Hutteldorf swimming-pool possesses its aesthetic action and ontological power. Beauty can manifest itself everywhere even there where we would not expect it to be at first sight. The water in my photos conceals a story just like one would perceive in a dark mirror.

Technique: Digital photographs in color, C prints, different sizes from 100×70, 40×60, to 20x30cm.

Milorad Djokić